About Us

The KFI Family Story began with a love of traditional food, how to share recipes with family and friends, to developing products so KFI can bring traditional tastes from their kitchen to yours...about1.jpg

Beginning with a love of food...
As a young bride of 22 and a recent immigrant to Canada, Kiran Kataria learned the basics of Indian and Italian cooking. She had grown up knowing gourmet Indian food and knew how authentic Indian food should taste. Kiran liked cooking and started experimenting with tastes. She started adding her own spice combinations, like Basil and Tulsi – a well known Indian herb. Kids who were used to hamburgers and pasta loved her Indian food. Kiran' s passion grew. As a working woman running her own software business, but valuing the tradition of being able to look after her growing family, Kiran wanted her dishes to be fast and delicious.

Then how to share her recipes...
It was just after Kiran had finished making a small batch of Tamarind Date chutney sauce when Ranbir Kataria, her husband, suggested storing the chutney in an empty ketchup bottle.  Squeezable for easy use, and not glass – it was perfect.  It didn’t take long for Kiran’s entrepreneurial spirit to take over from there.  She and Ranbir began perfecting their first recipe, working with label designers, and getting ready to share their first product.

While running a software business full time and now building a new food company from scratch, preparing daily meals for the family that were quick and tasty, became more of a challenge.  Rishi Kataria, one of her sons, quickly became interested in his mom’s hobby of this food business, and realized there was a unique opportunity available. No one was making Indian sauces in Canada.  All the major brands were being imported, and they were bland and nothing like mom’s cooking. Rishi recognized the need. Second generation Indo-Canadians still loved traditional food the way mom used to make, but they couldn't make it. Could the family food company become the Indian Kraft? In 2007 KFI Inc. was created and Rishi left his full time job at a major financial institution to pursue a vision alongside Kiran.  

By getting the family involved...about2.png
Ranbir and her other son Raman were ready when Kiran & Rishi launched their first two products – Tamarind & Date Chutney Sauce in Mild and Hot & Spicy Flavours. They hit the streets after working their full-time jobs delivering products, driving from store to store and doing demonstrations. On weekends Raman and Rishi would do sampling sessions at local grocery stores to raise awareness. Kiran and Rishi were persuasively successful in getting Loblaw, Highland Farms and other stores to stock KFI product

And developing more products...
By 2008, KFI developed a line of chutney sauces in 6 different flavours, including 2 flavours unique to KFI – Achari Mango & Coriander Cilantro. Reminiscent of the true flavours of India, it was an instant success. In 2010, KFI expanded into cooking sauces and launched 5 flavours that had been a trade secret in the restaurant business. These were the  'mother' sauces that can be used to create over 20 different traditional-style dishes! Kiran and head taster, Rishi make sure they have the exact taste and precise profile just right for each product.

Traditional tastes from the KFI kitchens to yours...
Simple ingredients, high quality and innovative tastes – KFI  is the ideal version of Indian food – just like mom, or Kiran used to make. The Kataria family knows life is hectic! But when tradition matters, let the KFI Kitchen come to your kitchen with Sauces and Chutneys that make everyday meals fast and delicious!