Does KFI use MSG (monosodium glutamate) in its products?
No, KFI products do not contain MSG.

Do KFI Cooking Sauces contain Gluten?
No, KFI Cooking Sauces do not contain Gluten. All KFI Cooking Sauces (Butter Chicken, Tikka Masala, Rogan Josh, Korma, and Vegetable Curry) are gluten free.

How do I know the Best Before Date for KFI products in jars and cans?
The best before Date is coded on the label of the bottle or just above the label directly on the bottle.

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BB JUL/21/10

Here's how to read it:
0210 - production date; the fist 3 digits signify the day of production – 21st day of the year. The last digit signifies the year of production - 2008; 21st day of 2008 which is January 21st of 2008.

BB JUL/21/10 – Best before date – July 21st, 2010

How long can KFI products be stored once they are opened?
KFI cooking sauces should not be stored once the jar or can is opened. Our recommendation is to cook meat or vegetables with the sauce and then store it in a fridge. KFI Chutney sauces, once the bottle is opened, can be stored in a refrigerator until the best before date.

What does KFI stand for?
Kataria Foods Inc.

Where are KFI products manufactured?
All KFI products are manufactured in Mississauga, Ontario.